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The death of Gideon Love has always haunted Det Insp Fred Royal.

Now D I Royal is about to retire so he’s handing the case over to you. Can you solve the case?

Difficulty rating: Easy

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Gideon Love was not a good guy but no one deserves to die the way he did and if his death was murder someone should pay.

Detective Inspector Fred Royal is about to retire and now he's handing the case over to you. It's a case that has always bothered him and perhaps you'll succeed where he failed.

The night Gideon Love died five strangers were invited to gather at The GlitterSparkles Lounge. Gideon Love was the man who brought them together. Each of them had a connection to him. Later that night he was dead and those five strangers all had a motive for murder.

The confidential case files arrive at your door with witness statements, photos, transcripts, clues and more. Pull out our murder board, investigate the map to see where everything happened and build the case against your prime suspect.

Follow the clues, keep an eye out for red herrings and head online to answer the questions that will allow you to move on.

The Death Of Gideon Love is the first in our series of case files investigations. Buy just one, buy two or more or even all of the cases as we deliver them. If you have them all you will have everything you need to solve a seventh and secret case that lies behind the stories.

You can choose to solve The Death Of Gideon Love alone, on a date night or with friends over an hour or longer if you're working alone and want to dedicate an hour a night...if you can stop yourself becoming too engrossed!

Contents include: Murder board, map, witness statements, transcripts of interviews, letters, voicemail messages, magnifying glass, investigator's badge, photos and more.


2 reviews for The Death Of Gideon Love – available now

  1. Matthew

    Absolutely loved this game.
    Can not wait for the rest of this series!! Bring on number 2

    • Sara West

      So glad you enjoyed our first game. Thank you for taking the time to comment. The Case Of Percy de Vere will be here soon.

  2. Alison

    What a fantastic evening we had playing this mystery game – there was laughter, speculation- anticipation, heartfelt arguments and accusations at every twist and turn. Highly interactive- meticulously thought through – an absolute joy to play – it kept the teenagers away from their devices and my mam from her nap! Can’t wait to play the next one

    • Sara West

      Thank you for those lovely words. It’s so good to know people enjoy playing them as much as I enjoy creating them.

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