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Ageing rockstar Percy de Vere is dead and it looks like murder. The case is yours but have you got the detective skills to work out whodunit.

Our murder mystery game puts you in the shoes of the detective with all the evidence you need to solve the case.

Everything arrives to your door. Examine the evidence, discover the clues and put a killer behind bars.

Difficulty rating: Hard

(4 customer reviews)

Percy de Vere was found dead in his home. The case has landed on your desk - it's up to you to solve the case.

The ageing rockstar was selling his house, Rhoades Hall, and his body was discovered by the estate agent as she showed the first of her VIP guests around.

The Case Of Percy de Vere brings you statements from everyone who might be involved, interviews with suspects, photos and even a 360 crime scene to investigate and uncover clues that you might want to investigate further.

Plus there is more information enclosed in the seventh case in the series - the case you can only investigate once you have all six games in our series of Investigations.

Included in the game:

  • Statements
  • Witness interviews
  • Photos
  • 360 crime scene
  • Murder board
  • Map
  • Investigating detective badge and lanyard
  • Sticky notes
  • Pen
  • Crime scene clues
  • Lots more

Turn detective alone, with friends and family or on a date night and put your investigative skills to the test. Have you got what it takes to solve the case?

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4 reviews for The Case Of Percy de Vere – available now

  1. Matthew Hardiman

    What a brilliant second game. Solved it and looking forward to Malia Key

    • Sara West

      Thank you for playing. Well done on solving the case!

  2. Eleanor Cook

    My husband and I really enjoyed playing this. It felt like the right level of challenging, we managed to crack the case but it kept us occupied for some time.

  3. Alison

    The living room transformed into our squad room – the french doors a makeshift incident whiteboard – three generations of family briefed and poised ready to open the mysterious yellow envelopes and begin! The anticipation was high as we’d previously solved the first mystery and really enjoyed the twists and turns – we were not disappointed! We were kept engaged and enthralled throughout as each bit of information was revealed. We would highly recommend these games for teenagers – oldagers and everything inbetween! We can’t wait to get cracking with the next one – Thanks so much, the attention to detail makes these games so fabulous.

    • Sara West

      The squad room sounds brilliant. So glad you enjoyed your second investigation.

  4. Graeme

    Nice plot, packed with lots of unexpected twists and turns.
    The interactive 360 degree crime scene photo was a genuine gem. 1 of the most immersive items I’ve come across in this genre. Like being in the room, without the smell of the corpse 😉

    • Sara West

      Thank you for your review, Graeme. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this game and thank goodness there was no smell from the corpse!

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