Tall Tales Mysteries


The game where YOU are the detective and must solve the case…if you can

Investigations turns YOU into the detective

YOU are the detective in this murder mystery game.

Witness statements, interviews, photos and reports that make up the files in the case arrive on your doorstep and it’s up to you to uncover the killer.

There are six games in our series of Investigations that put you in the shoes of the detective. Plus with each murder mystery game you receive files from a seventh cold case crime that you can solve once you’ve cleared up the first six cases.

Each murder mystery game can be investigated as a stand alone case and in any order.

Play alone, as a date night or bring friends together and discover if you have what it takes to be a detective.

Which case will you investigate next?

Are you ready to start your investigation?

Your murder mystery case files game is delivered to your door and your investigation begins.

Dive into the case files with the witness statements, interviews and suspect information. Check out the newspaper clippings, make notes across the murder board, examine the map to see the key locations.

It’s up to you how you tackle the case.

Choose your case and get ready to turn Detective.

But will you work out whodunit?

What will you find in your murder mystery case files game?

Each of our cases are different but inside each case file you will find:


  • Witness statements
  • Suspect information
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Post mortem reports
  • A murder board
  • A map
  • Images
  • Case notes

You may also find:


  • Links to social media, websites, and blogs
  • Working phones and emails that may provide a clue if you call or message
  • Letters and more

Which case will you investigate?

There are six cases in our series of Investigations

Our series of Investigations begins with The Death Of Gideon Love. 

Our second case is The Case Of Percy de Vere, the former rock star found dead in his home over a dinner table set for two. Who was Percy’s mysterious guest and were they his killer?

There were certainly many people with a motive for murder.

The third case comes to you in spring 2022 with the Mystery Of Malia Key.

Journalist Malia Key disappeared as she dug into rumours surrounding a prominent family but what really happened to her and more importantly can you find out? A five-year-old cold case needs your attention.

The Mystery Of Malia Key is available to pre-order.

The Death Of Gideon Love

The Death Of Gideon Love

October 2021

The Case Of Percy de Vere

The Case Of Percy de Vere

December 2021

The Mystery Of Malia Key Tall Tales Investigations

The Mystery Of Malia Key

March 2022

Case No 4 coming soon

Secret Case #4

Summer 2022