The Mystery Of Malia Key

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You are the detective and the case of Malia Key is now yours to solve.

All the case files are delivered to your door together with a map, a Murder Board, witness statements and more as you learn what happened in the days before Malia disappeared.

Difficulty rating: Medium


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(2 customer reviews)

Malia Key was an investigative journalist who travelled across the UK looking for a story...until she disappeared.

With her car found abandoned and no sign of Malia Key it's now up to you to discover what really happened to her five years ago.

Meet a series of suspects, investigate their alibis and their stories. Check their statements and interviews and prompt their memories as you listen to Malia's best friend who is desperate to find Malia.

This is the third in our series of case files Investigations that puts you in the shoes of the detective assigned to the case. Play as the lone detective, with a friend or partner or even get together a group of friends to crack the case.

Everyone you meet in the pages of the evidence delivered to your in the box will have a motive for murder. Malia Key had a way of making enemies and it seems one of them was pushed just a little too far.

Uncover the evidence within the case files and work out who killed Malia Key and why.

This is the third in our series of Investigations!

2 reviews for The Mystery Of Malia Key

  1. Christine Stewart

    Played ‘ The mystery of Malia Key’ game. What a brilliant concept, kept us guessing all the way through. Cracked it in the end.
    Can’t wait until the next one.

    • Sara West

      Thank you Christine. So glad you enjoyed playing and that you cracked the case! Good work detective.

  2. Matthew Hardiman (verified owner)

    What an excellent game this one was. Compelling story that kept me going right the way to the very end. I’m so looking forward to the rest of the series

    • Sara West

      So pleased you enjoyed this mystery. It’s my favourite so far!

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