The Case Of Percy de Vere


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Who would want ageing rockstar Percy de Vere dead?

There seems to be a long list and it’s up to you to work out whodunit in the second in our series of Investigations.

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Ageing rock star Percy de Vere is found dead at a dining table set for two in The Case Of Percy de Vere.

But who would want Percy de Vere dead and why?

There are plenty of candidates from his former bandmate who sued Percy and lost. Percy's estranged wife Karin who pre-nup deal isn't as generous as his will or perhaps another of his many acquaintances from his celebrity life-style. There are motives aplenty among the rich and famous in Greater Questing.

Time for you to turn detective to solve the case as you are presented with all the evidence you need to work out whodunit.

This is the second in our series of case files games set in the seaside town, Greater Questing, and its quaint neighbouring village Little Questing.

Discover clues around Percy's home, research the evidence of those caught up in the case and piece together the timeline of what happened in the final hours of the former rockstar's life.

This game can be played independently from all the other cases in our series of Investigations! Or you can play it with the other six games in the series and reveal a seventh and hidden case for you to crack.

You can play as a lone detective, with one friend or more as you work through all the evidence that is delivered in the box.

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