Murder At The Murder Mystery Party


How To Play

Below you have an activity booklet to print out with the puzzles included. You should print this with the option to print on both sides and to flip on the short edge. This should put all the puzzles in order.

There is also a Suspects booklet to print. This gives you the chance to make notes on each suspect as you go.

Then there is an online PDF document that allows you to learn about your mystery before you start on the puzzles. This also contains the solutions to the puzzles so be careful. There is no need to print this booklet as long as you have access to it online while playing. Currently the video of the Detective leading you through your story will take you to Vimeo to play each one from within this booklet. Instead you can find the full video of Detective Puzzler below if you prefer to use it as a complete video. You will need to start and stop this video to make sure she doesn’t reveal more than you are ready for.


Are you ready to solve one of our cold case files?

Which case will you investigate first?