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The killer was Elodie Screamers

Elodie was hired to write Madden Batty’s life story. She wrote a note about how excited she was to write the book but she soon realised how dull Madden Batty’s life really was and that the book would never be published so she began writing a more exciting version.

She also realised Haunts HIll House was too large for just one woman so she gave notice at her flat in Greater Questing where the landlord wanted her out because of her pet and moved into the house. She took a large bedroom as her room.

Elodie’s contract gave her 100% of the royalties in the event of Madden Batty’s death and with a completely made up story to publish Elodie decided Madden had to go.

The Clues to solving the case included:

  • The handwriting on the Crime Writers Handbook is the same as Elodie’s handwriting on her contract. She also signed the note sacking Mrs Linn.
  • The fingerprint found on the bannister and a bedroom door belonged to Elodie. As a ghost writer she had no need to go upstairs in Haunts Hill House.
  • Elodie had a pet rat according to the email her landlord sent her. Madden Batty had a fear of rats.

Now that you’ve solved the case of Madden Batty what case will you solve next?

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