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The killer was Marlene Schiling 

Marlene really did marry Jasper Schiling for the money. On the day that Lord Schiling informed Jasper he was giving Schiling Castle to a charity she decided she had to do something to stop him.

She knew her father-in-law preferred red wine and that no one else drank it. The bottle was only opened at lunch so her chance to poison it came after everyone had left the room. Her plan was that Lord Schiing woud drink the wine at dinner that evening.

Marlene had no idea that Brydon was in the habit of drinking any leftover wine, red or white, so when she dropped digitalis from the Foxglove plants in the garden it mixed with the Digoxin that Brydon took daily and caused a fatal heart attack.

She killed the butler by mistake.

The Clues to solving the case included:

  • Marlene knew about the plan to give away Schiling Castle
  • Rufus  had spent time in the garden with her and, with his medical training, was able to point out poisonous plants in the garden
  • The gardener’s report pointed out poisonous plants
  • Marlene was seen returning to the dining room after lunch and added the digitalis

Now that you’ve solved the case of Bryce Brydon what case will you solve next?

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