Who kidnapped Fortune Flight?

Who injured Kieran Stone?

Tabitha James

The killers were Jarvis James and his wife, Tabitha.

Tabitha was always jealous of her younger sister. Vivienne and Samuel were so in love. Vivienne inherited money from a long-time caravan park resident and Vivienne had Matthew.

Tabitha didn’t know how much money Vivienne had inherited but given the upset it had caused she thought it was a substantial sum and she wanted it.

She also wanted Matthew. So she convinced Jarvis her sister had to go and that they had to make it look like Samuel had killed his wife and then killed himself.

Jarvis James

 The Clues

  • Tabitha’s phone call to 999 occurred after Vivienna was dead
  • There was no call from Vivienne to Tabitha’s phone on the night she died. Tabitha made up that call.
  • Vivienne would have had to go to the Admin Block of the caravan park to call Tabitha
  • Samuel’s mobile phone – shared with Vivienne – was found on the side in the caravan. It showed a call from an unknown caller at the time he was called out for a repair.
  • There was no call to Tabitha on the mobile phone.
  • There were numerous calls between Tabitha and Jarvis that day Jarvis said he was travelling home when he received a call from Tabitha asking him to go to the caravan park but his car was caught by a speed camera travelling in the opposite direction well before the 999 call
  • Craig Wilding and others referred to Tabitha and Vivienne arguing in the days before Vivienne’s death
Samuel Hardiman

What about the other suspects?

Are you wondering what the other suspects were up to?

Craig Wilding was obsessed with Vivienne Hardiman but the notes and details he kept about visitors to the caravan helped prove Tabitha and Vivienne were not on the best of terms.

Tracey Wilding had no idea her husband was obsessed with Vivienne but she did blame her for the eviction letter they received.  

Joy Justice was Vivienne’s good friend and, despite accusations from Tabitha, she was never involved with Samuel. She chose to stay at the Hardiman Holiday Park and worked her way up to be a manager there. She is now enjoying working with Vivienne’s son, Matthew, to make the park a huge success.

Colin Drinkwater didn’t want to get involved in the investigation into Vivienne’s death. Not least because he was involved in the drug smuggling business which saw Zeb Hardiman go to jail. Drinkwater was using the caravan park to deal drugs and he fled to Spain when Vivienne was killed for fear he may be accused.

Samuel’s body has never been found but Jarvis James has admitted killig him and ditching his body later that night at an old gravel pit.


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