Who killed Malia Key?

Did you get it right?

Jack Lawrence

Jack Lawrence killed Malia Key in a fit of jealousy after she refused to help him win back his wife, Sadie.

Jack had been violent towards his wife on more than one occasion and when she left him and moved in with Malia he was furious.

He assumed he would be able to persuade her to return to him but Malia kept Sadie’s resolve firm.

Jack went to the Questings to try to speak to Malia. He left a phone message that she never returned and in the end he engineered an “accidental” meeting.

They got fish and chips from the shop on Johnstone Street and walked up the hill to the cliffs at the top of Greater Questing beach. As they argued, Jack pushed Malia off the cliff and down on to the rocks below.

He went down to the rocks, found her body and dragged it into the nearby caves. He had no idea that the caves at high tide produced a riptide that dragged Malia’s body out to sea so her body was never discovered.

The Clues

  • Jack had previous assault cases against women on his record
  • His car received a parking fine in the days before Malia disappeared even though he said he was not in The Questings
  • Jack referred to Malia in the past tense in his police interview
  • The threatening note in Malia’s room was written in Jack’s handwriting that could also be found on his statement
  • Orla Lone had seen Malia on Johnstone Street with a man she did not recognise
  • The Questings website www.thequestings.com refers to the caves and riptide effect
Who killed Malia Key?

What about the other suspects?

testi Are you wondering what the other suspects were up to?

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Flavia Worth had found a man who could pass for her brother, Leslie. Flavia was convinced Leslie was dead but her father wouldn’t hear of it and left everything to Leslie. So the easiest and quickest thing to do was to find someone to pose as Leslie, take the inheritance and push the sale of the Worth Sweet Co through. In return Leslie aka Grahame Laing would take a percentage of the sale.

Laing had his money and thought he might convince Malia to pay him even more to reveal what had happened. He was at the Glitter Sparkles Lounge waiting for her when she was attacked by Lawrence.

Lucia Darke thought she had scared Malia off testifying against Sean Darke with a warning behind the Jarvis Hotel so she had no intention of harming her.

Carlos Rey really had moved on from Malia and was planning to marry Orla Lone. Orla certainly wanted Malia gone but they were at the cinema when Malia was attacked.

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