Samuel Hardiman Investigation

The last time Vivienne Hardiman’s murder and the disappearance of her husband was re-investigated was 2012.

What new evidence was dug up?

Take a look and see if you can piece together what it all means?

Open the envelope revealing the new evidence in the Investigation 2012 and see what you make of it.

Did Samuel Hardiman kill his wife?

You have all the evidence now.

Email received by detectives in 2012

Dear Detectives,

I wanted to get in touch about my sister’s case now that 14 years have passed.

Her son. Matthew, is now 19 and an adult but I do worry for him. Obviously losing his mother at the hands of his father has been traumatic, even if he was not really aware of what happened the night his mother was murdered.

He is now showing a serious interest in what happened and he seems incapable of accepting the idea that his father killed his mother.

I know he will be getting in touch with you to try to find out more about what happened that awful night in 1998 but I urge you to remember he is a vulnerable teenager, orphaned at just five, and to be careful what you share with him and whether you should share anything at all.

Does he really need to know that his father was having an affair? Does he really need to know the extent of his mother’s injuries? Does he really need to know the state of their relationship in the days and weeks leading up to the murder?

Please be careful with Matthew.


Tabitha James

Detective, you’ve received a voicemail message from Neville Laurie at the lab. Listen to what he has to say.

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The solution can be found in phone numbers pieced together with statements and interviews and maps and cars travelling in Greater and Little Questing the night Vivienne Hardiman died.