Samuel Hardiman Investigation

The case of Samuel and Vivienne Hardiman was looked at once again in 2007

In 2007 there was a conviction in another case involving one of the suspects. That brought police back to the case of Vivienne Hardiman and her missing husband.

Take a look in the 2007 envelope to find more evidence.

Email from Joy Justice in 2007

Hello Detective,

Apologies if you’re not the right person to help me with this but I find myself in a difficult situation.

I have learned there are rumours circulating that I was having an affair with Sam Hardiman. This is, of course, utterly untrue and really hurtful to me and to the family of Vivienne and Samuel.

I know exactly who is spreading these rumours. People have told me that they heard about my supposed affair with Sam from Tabitha James. I have no idea where she has got this idea from and it is absolutely not true.

We were all friends and there was never anything more than that between us. Viv was my closest friend and I would never have done anything like that to her.

Is there anything you can do to help me put a stop to these rumours. Perhaps you could speak to Tabitha. This is so hurtful.



Email from Neville Laurie


I’ve been checking through the evidence in this case and I’ve come across something that was never logged on the crime scene log but was bagged at the time of the post mortem.

It was in an evidence bag tagged to the case of Vivienne Hardiman. It is a woman’s watch that was broken. The evidence bag claims it was on her wrist at the time of her death which might make the time the watch stopped important. The time on it is 8.55. It is an analogue watch so I can only assume it stopped at 8.55pm.

Not sure you’ll be able to use it in court given the lack of chain of custody but it might help you in your investigation.

Best, Nev.

Family photos of Matthew Hardiman

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Some of the evidence will piece together with evidence from the last envelope and the 2012 investigation to help you decide whodunit,

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Vivienne called Tabitha on her home phone number to ask for help. Look for that call.