Wondering how to play?

Let’s get you started

Step One: 

Choose your case and get ready to turn detective to solve it.

Each murder mystery case is set in our quaint English seaside town or charming village. 

Your case will arrive through the post and then it’s up to you to discover whodunit…if you can.


The Death Of Gideon Love
The Case Of Percy de Vere
The Mystery Of Malia Key

The Death Of Gideon Love

Available October 4th


The Case Of Percy de Vere

Pre-order now – available December 2021


The Mystery Of Malia Key

Pre-order now – available March 2022


 Step Two:

Your case arrives in the post so now it’s time to decide whether you play alone or with friends.

If you’re planning to play alone, you can start straight away. It’s great to get stuck in but there’s a lot of information to take in with each case so you’ll want to set aside a few hours or even play an hour each day over several days.

If you’re playing with friends pick a date and decide if you’re playing over drinks and snacks or sharing a meal together whilst you  investigate.


Step Three:

Set up your murder board either on a flat surface or stuck to a wall or cupboard. This is your board and your map so you can mark them as you wish.

Perhaps you’ll want to mark where each suspect lives or highlight the places where our story takes you.


Step Four:

Read through the evidence you have to hand and make notes. Maybe you’ll want to build a timeline. This is your case so you can investigate it how you want.


Step Five:

You’ll find three envelopes marked 1,2 and 3. Each one has a question you need to answer on the Investigations website and a QR code to take you straight to the question you need to answer.

Answer the question correctly and you might find an extra clue waiting for you. You can then open the envelope to find more evidence for your case.

Make sure you look on the reverse of pieces of paper because you never know where important clues might be lurking.


Step Six:

The final envelope will reveal whodunit so don’t open that until you are ready to make your accusation.

You may find pieces of evidence that don’t appear to help you with the case you are investigating. That’s deliberate because each case builds into a seventh, hidden investigation. If you crack each of the six Investigations you can then uncover the hidden case and solve that too!

Step Seven:

There are hints at each point where you need to answer a question. They’re there if you get stuck but we don’t think you will. Be careful with the hints as they will toggle open and reveal the clue if you click on the + sign.

Step Eight:

You’ve cracked this case so now it’s time to choose your next Investigation.



Have fun as you’re playing!