Malia has more to say.

Will this next recording provide answers?

Malia Key worked as a freelance investigative journaist for many years but her last story seems to be returning to haunt her.

Could the story involving a drug gang be behind her disappearance?

Listen to Malia’s audio recording and then open the envelope for June 18th, 19th and 20th.

Message One Thursday June 22nd 10:27am

by from 07700 900171 to 07700 900203

Listen to the voicemail messages found on Malia’s phone after it was charged up by the forensics team.

The phone was found on the passenger seat with Malia’s handbag and other items.

Just click on the messages.

Message Two Saturday June 24th 8:02pm

by from 07700 900447 to 07700 900203

Are you almost ready to make your accusation?

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Have you worked out who was where around the time Malia was last seen? Do the mobile phones and their car registrations put them in the right place?

PS Your culprit seems to have anger issues.