Congratulations, you got it right and can now open    Envelope 3.

Yes, Dr Alice Endswell pushed Gideon Love from the hotel balcony.

These are the clues you were looking for

  • She was at the table when Maura Leigh was texting Gideon and learned where he was staying
  • She was the woman with a pink/purple lipstick
  • She slipped diazepam into his cocktail when she caught up with him at the hotel
  • She knew he had a life insurance of £700,000 payable on her death
  • She went to his room where she tipped him over the balcony when the drug began to take affect
  • She lost one of the charms she was wearing in the hotel room. It was photographed on the floor and there was a photo of her wearing the charm bracelet
  • She drove away as fast as she could and it was her car that failed to stop at the near miss accident
  • She was close to home when the near accident occurred
  • She was late getting back for the babysitter but had no alibi


Dr Alice Endswell