Dray House – first floor

Dray House

Dray House – first floor
The family drawing room The drawing room The grand staircase The bannister Entry points

The family drawing room

Three empty frames

The room where the family might gather to watch television together.

There are three empty photo frames on the bookcase.

The drawing room

The drawing room

This is the room where Simon Sayers' will was read just the day before the unexpected discovery of the body at the bottom of the staircase. Everyone was here even Mrs Cotton.

The will was read by Mr Martin Engel, solicitor.

The grand staircase

The body at the bottom of the staircase

The body of a man was discovered at the foot of the staircase.

He appears to have died from injuries consistent with a fall. The body has been removed to the mortuary for further examination.

The man was well dressed but he has not been identified by anyone at Dray House.

The bannister

Scratches in the bannister link to wood fragments under the dead man's fingernails.


Entry points

There is no obvious sign of a break-in