The Sad Case Of Samuel Hardiman


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The next in our series of Investigations is the cold case of Samuel Hardiman.

Everyone has always believed he killed his wife but will you help his son discover the truth?

Difficulty rating: Medium


Samuel Hardiman disappeared the night his wife was murdered. Everyone has always believed he killed her in a fit of rage.

But now their son has grown up and is determined to find out what really happened that awful night as he slept. Matthew was just five-years-old when his mother was killed as he slept next door but Matthew has never believed his father could have killed his mother. He needs your help to find his father to discover whodunit.

Our next case in our series of Investigations takes place at the Hardiman Holiday Park where the terrible tragedy unfolded. Matthew has recently taken control of the holiday park that bears his name and now he's looking for the truth and justice.

Will you reveal Samuel Hardiman really was a killer? Or will you discover that he was unfairly accused?

Step back to 1998, a fading holiday park and dark secrets among those who lived there and help Matthew unravel a story that has haunted his life.

With statements and police interviews from then and now you'll piece together what happened years ago. Follow the clues, examine the evidence and solve the case...if you can.

This Investigation is the fourth in the series but is played as a standalone game.




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